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About Me

I am a bodyworker, astrologer, tarot reader, artist and educator living and working near Portland, Oregon. Through decades of training, self study, personal and professional practice, I have arrived at the unique set of offerings you see before you. 

I spent many years in academia in the field of philosophy. I received my BA from University of Washington before attending Boston University for post graduate studies in Philosophy of Religion and Language. After leaving the field, I spent years working in a corporate environment when I decided to return to school to earn licensure in massage therapy. In the 20 years since then I have maintained a thriving private practice, run a busy healthcare clinic, taught core classes at Oregon School of Massage as well as leading professional development courses I created. I am currently focusing my bodywork offerings on somatic sessions, which utilize our capacity for full body awareness in order to attain a more functional state. 

Having picked up my first tarot deck at 15, I have maintained a personal study and practice of astrology, tarot and esoterica throughout my life. In 2013 I got more diligent about my study and undertook to learn and understand as much as possible. Since then I have become a professional tarot reader and astrologer working with individuals and large events. I have worked with individuals one on one to deepen their own divination and ritual practice. I am currently working on a body of material that can be used individually or through a course platform - stay tuned. 

My journey with art began in about 2005. I can still remember a dear friend shoving paint brushes and a selection paints and paper at me one day.  I've been obsessed with all the different ways to make something beautiful ever since. As a mixed media artist, I will pull from a variety of mediums and materials.  There are, however, a few that I gravitate towards. These are acrylics, watercolor and metal work/jewelry. I have held several shows, done commissions, ran jewelry lines at retail venues and maintained online stores. A few years ago I stopped all business associated with my art in order to focus exclusively on the process of creating. Most of my current efforts have been focused on a multiyear project of creating a tarot deck of original paintings. I started this project in 2017 and hope (pray) to have it complete by mid 2024. I have also decided to reopen my online store and post items as they become available rather than be dictated by a production schedule. Who knows what will show up or when. When I know, you'll know. 

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