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Spring 2024 ECLIPSE Portal Readings

Eclipses accelerate change! They create a kind of portal that can shift your reality for years to come. Knowing what specific energetics you are working with helps you navigate and consciously engage with this powerful opportunity. 

During this powerful and limited timeframe, I am offering two unique readings at a gigantic discount of 50% for either (or both) astrology and tarot readings. I created a tarot spread specifically designed for the Spring 2024 eclipse period. The astrology offering will look at where in your life while this transit is active and how you can make the most of it given your unique life story.

These are pre-recorded and limited. Your pre-recorded reading will be emailed on the final eclipse April 8, 2024

Use Coupon Code: eclipse24 to receive 50% off unitl 4/6

Eclipse Tarot Special Pricing with Coupon $42.50 

(normally $95)

Eclipse Astro Special Pricing with Coupon $98.00 

(normally $199)

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