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Benefits of a Somatic Session

  • increased body/mind awareness

  • specific skill building to re-regulate

  • greater sense of peace and calmness

  • empowerment and confidence

  • greater effectiveness 

What happens in a Somatic Session? 

Many people think of stress and trauma as being primarily psychological in nature. It is true that this is one aspect. It is equally true that there is a physiological component as well. It is this that our online somatic sessions address. 

Online somatic bodywork sessions have 4 sections: 

  • education

  • experiment

  • practice

  • integration 

Each session begins with a lesson on how stress affects the body in a particular way. From this understanding, we will introduce an exercise(s) designed to work with that natural stress response and re-regulate your nervous system. You will then have the opportunity to practice this skill in session as I guide you through the process. Lastly we will discuss your experience and answer any questions you might have regarding how to integrate this new tool into your everyday life. 

Online Somatic Session

appointments available soon


3 session intro package - $275

(recommended for new clients)

75 minute - $100

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