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Mentoring Sessions


4 session package - $200

60 minute - $60

Looking to deepen or begin your tarot practice? Overwhelmed by the depth of information. Not sure where to start? A tarot mentorship session could provide the context, structure and encouragement  you've been looking for.

Whether you've never picked up a deck or you've been reading for years, there is always something to learn when it comes to this deep and rich tool. I invite all levels of experience. My goal is to support you in furthering your study, wherever you are and whatever you want to learn. Some of the areas I've worked with include:

  • ​The overall structure of this system

  • Getting "off-book"

  • The history and meaning of tarot

  • Working with spreads and reversals

  • Specific card study

  • Reading for others or reading for self

  • How to read from different decks

  • Esoteric overlays such as astrology and Qabalah 

  • Tarot for uses other than traditional readings

Sessions consist of a 60 minute online conference. I will check in on how your study is progressing and what you want to learn or develop next.  We will work with that information, providing resources as needed, and create a study plan that supports your learning goals in an enjoyable and realistic way.


Sessions can be purchased on an as needed basis, whenever you feel your practice has stagnated. Or you can purchase a multi session package to keep you on track.  Frequency of our sessions is completely flexible to allow you take as much time as you need to integrate and practice ​information generated from our meetings. 

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