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Astrology Readings

Natal Chart Reading

learn about major features of your natal chart; gifts, challenges, soul purpose and more. 

*recommended for a first time readings and new clients

Transit or Targeted Chart Reading

transit readings look at how current astrological events are affecting you specifically.

targeted readings look at what your chart says about specific areas of your life

Synastry/Composite Chart Reading

investigate the astrological significance of a relationship. synastry will look at how one person affects another and composite will look at the purpose of the relationship itself


Tarot Readings

Janus Spread
*ideal New Year's Spread

this is a reading i created to look at transitions. the purpose of the past issue, what lessons to take with you, what still needs to be learned and how to do that. it is an 8 card reading with lots of advice cards built in

11 Card Celtic Cross

in depth reading looking at energies for the coming 3 months

excellent choice for quarterly check ins

7 Card Combo Reading

specific question or current general energies using both tarot and oracle cards

30 minutes

Either/Or Decision Reading

two 3 card spreads:

 one for each choice


Astrological  Coaching

use the power and insight of astrology to navigate and contextualize your life in an ongoing and regular practice.


availability is extremely limited. click here to learn more and join the waitlist. 

$150 - 60 min/mth

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