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Now offering weekly Thursday night group mentorship classes. Weekly virtual gatherings to help expand and deepen your magical practices. Part masterclass, part group mentoring sessions, these weekly gatherings are a place to learn something new or to deepen your existing practice. Drop in if there's a topic that particularly interests you or sign up for a specific series to really dive in and explore. The group sessions are organized into various series around a specific topics. Feel free to pop in and out as you are inspired or sign up for a whole series. When you commit to the full series you will not only have access to the live class and Q&A, but you will also receive recordings of the event. Just in case you are unable to attend or if you just want to rewatch and milk it all the juicy knowledge you can. 


Sliding Scale to attend a single live: $5-$20

Purchase Series (access to live call + video recordings): $15/class

Video Only (receive video recordings only as a bundle after series is over): 30% off series price

Beginning Tarot: September 23-October 14, 2021

This series starts at the very beginning. We will explore what tarot is and is not and what it is to YOU. We will look at the tarot through a structural lens that will give you the basic tools to perform a full reading without having to learn all 78 by rote memory. 

Week 1:   Everything you know about tarot is wrong: the history 

Week 2:   Why tarot is NOT just another oracle deck: the structure

Week 3:   It's elementary, dear Watson

Week 4:   To everything turn, turn, turn

The 7 Hermetic Principles: TBA

Week 1:   What the heck is Hermeticism anyway?

Week 2:   You're bloody Mental

Week 3:   As Above, So Below

Week 4:   Good Vibrations

Week 5:   Duality/Polarity 

Week 6:   Cause/Effect

Week 7:   Masculine/Feminine

Week 8:   Rhythm 

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