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A Cosmic Kiss

Venus Mars Conjunction February 17 - April 4, 2022

Navigating Life Through Understanding Astrology

The God Of War And The Goddess Of Love

Mars is the God of war, protection, virility and agency. He embodies what are considered masculine qualities. He represents our faculty for making things happen in the world, the energy and motivation for doing. He is fiery and fierce. Instinctual and impulsive. Venus on the other hand is the Goddess of beauty and love. She personifies what are considered the feminine qualities. She is all things sensual and pleasurable. She is grace and balance. She is what we value. She represents what is worthy of Mars’ protection. Her sweetness fortifies and soothes his warrior nature, giving him the strength and purpose to fight another day. He is lust. She is love. They are the ultimate compliments to one another. They are the quintessential archetypal lovers. Individually they represent the masculine and feminine principles within each of us as well as the societally accepted expectations of these energies. Together they represent the archetype of romantic relationship and partnership. They are in an eternal love affair and dance. From now until April they will be having a bit of a relationship negotiation. They are taking a long walk hand in hand to discuss how they want to interact moving forward. They are beginning a new romance and bringing us all along with them.

Who Am I? Who Are You? Who Are We?

These two make an exact conjunction on February 17, 2022 and remain within 1 degree of each other until March 16. Thereafter they are still in technical conjunction (0-10 degrees of each other) until April 10. That is an insanely long time for these two to be traveling together in the sky. Mars/Venus conjunctions usually last around a week and a half. So we are all going to get a good long time to figure this sh*t out!

Generally this conjunction will bring up things like relationship dynamics, gender roles and identities, archetypal masculine/feminine expressions, and all the conditioned societal expectations around these issues. Especially this last point because Saturn decides to stick his nose in the middle of all this around the end of March. So let’s jump into the nitty gritty…

Capricorn: Just The Way Things Have Always Been

These two hit exact conjunction in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, who plays a big role in this negotiation as we shall see later. So it is interesting that they join up in his sign.

Capricorn is structure. Capricorn is building things that last, with a firm foundation and attention to quality and detail. The flip side is that sometimes these structures can last well past their expire date. Capricorn built it and doesn’t want it to change. Collectively, it is the sign of big institutions and societal norms. They are the way things have “always” been. Immovable. Conservative. Stagnant. It can be oppressive in its refusal to change. It is the patriarchy. It is here that the masculine and feminine begin their long walk.

This could definitely bring up issues around how society expects, or even allows us to express these principles individually based on traditional concepts and beliefs. It will also likely bring up questions of traditional expectations regarding how relationships are suppose to be structured and the extent to which we have internalized these messages without question. Now is the time to question them. I don’t think you’ll be able to avoid it actually. So we begin by questioning what we thought was given about how relationships were suppose to work.

That is them together. Individually we could also be confronted with assumed gender roles and identities. Basically anything that we never questioned, we may be questioning now with regards to the masculine and feminine from all aspects - deeply internal, relationally and collectively. This doesn’t by any means dictate what those answers will look like for you. You may in fact legitimately align with societies notions. That really isn’t the point of this conjunction in Capricorn so much as the act of questioning itself. No longer taking for granted what we were taught to be true, but rather investigating what is true for us now.

Aquarius: Bust The Box

On March 6 they move into Aquarius, still hand in hand within a degree. They will stay in Aquarius until April 4. So let’s take a peak at how that changes things. What does the transition from Capricorn into Aquarius look like for the lovers? Aquarius is the future. The rebel. The breaking of norms. Aquarius isn’t just outside the box, it busts the box that Capricorn built. So for 2 1/2 weeks we can expect to be looking deeply at what we assumed relationships and gender was suppose to look like. Then on March 6 things could suddenly shift. Any insight we might have gleaned regarding our internalized gender/relationship assumptions could get the energy and motivation to try it differently. To really experiment with our newly developing conceptions around these issues. What really works for the individuals involved and is truly aligned with individual expression verses how we thought and was told we should be.


But don’t expect this to be an easy transition. Capricorn is staunch and will fight for the status quo and hierarchical, top down dynamics. We all have places where we are Capricornian and Aquarian so there may be a back and forth between these seemingly divergent and incompatible urges. I think you will see this push pull internally as well as in the collective. The current attack on Roe Vs Wade in various states and the re-ignited debate around the right to abortion comes to mind as a place we may see this play out collectively.

It is also interesting to note that the traditional ruler of Aquarius is also Saturn - we’ll get to him in a minute.

Where Capricorn expresses this Saturnian influence by building hierarchical frameworks that don’t change, Aquarius wants to build structures that work for the collective by honoring the individual’s unique expression and well being within the collective. On the heals of questioning all we were taught and conditioned to believe regarding relationships and gender roles, there is an urge to update the structures that were built on those beliefs and redefining them in new ways where they proved to be inauthentic to our unique selves.

Now to bring it back to Mars and Venus. Mars wants to build things - or fight for things. In Capricorn there may be a pull to defend traditional beliefs. In Aquarius he will want to build new structures that have never existed before. For her part, Venus in Capricorn craves stability. In Aquarius she wants what is best for the whole and she doesn’t really care if that goes against the grain. In fact she prefers it does. Because she symbolizes what we value, once she gets clear about that in the first few weeks of this transit, it will be very important that those values be honored. After deconstructing what is and is not working for you and your relationship structures, you can expect the dynamic duo to want to redefine those things in a more authentic way and have the energy to do so. Like it or not, Aquarius brings evolutionary change, but often change that is long over due and railed against by anyone who has a stake in it remaining the same.

Just Wait Until Your Father Get's Home

So now let's talk about Saturn. His influence has been lurking around this whole time, given that the two signs the lovers are traveling through are under his rulership. But on March 28th through April 4th he positions himself smack dab between these two - who are still pretty close mind you. Where they were previously engaged in an intimate dialogue between themselves, now Saturn, the quintessential father figure breaks up the party and steps right in the middle. Saturn demands we take responsibility for our action and choices. He IS karma. What we do has consequences. Let’s just say I hope these two used protection. More subtly, as we are looking deeply into how we define relationships and gender roles, Saturn reminds them that this redefinition will have an effect on our current relationships one way or the other. For good or bad. Everything that was built upon old assumptions will be subject to change once those assumptions are changed. If they were firm to begin with, you might not notice much. But anywhere you discovered they were outdated and inauthentic and are inspired to update them, Saturn will demand you do the work to make that happen or let them crumble altogether.

Navigating This Transit With Ease and Grace

So the overall advice for this transit is to first to be prepared to re-evaluate all you were taught and conditioned to believe about gender roles and expressions as well as relationship dynamics and structures. Even if you have already done a lot of reconditioning in these areas, we all have places where we’ve deeply internalize patriarchal messages simply by living and growing up in a patriarchal society. That’s just how conditioning works. There will be layers of this that become apparent over and over again throughout our lives. This is but another opportunity to deconstruct those messages. Then as the transit progresses, be prepared to change any places that were built around those assumptions should you find that they don’t really work for you or align with your authentic self and what you really, deep down, want from them. Remain flexible. Trust the evolutionary trajectory even if it seems scary and destabilizing. I don’t see how the themes represented by these archetypes won’t undergo some kind of shift given how long this long transit will be influencing all of us.

Important Dates: Venus Mars Conjunction

1 degree conjunction 2/17-3/16

2-9 degree conjunction 3/16-4/10

2/17-3/6 in Capricorn

3/6-4/4 in Aquarius

3/28-4/4 intercepted by Saturn in Aquarius

4/5-4/10 out of sign conjunction

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